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Scuba Diving, Oman See, Chabahar, Iran

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Scuba Diving with 24 depths underwater, Oman See, Chabahar, Iran

Chabahar is a seaport on the Oman Sea in southeastern Iran, where is the coastal area of the Oman Sea. Due to the prominent position it enjoys regarding access to the free waters, in addition to other aspects such as trade and commerce this part of Iran holds specific location. On the coast of the sea, particularly in the southern region of Chabahar is a rocky coastal area with a beautiful landscape, especially during sunset. Parts of the shores of the Oman Sea is greatly valued for its recreational areas and those concerning the safe swimming zones, canoeing, water skiing and other such sports. The Oman Sea contains various minerals and a variety of water species, in particular algae and plankton. These have a positive effect on the human body.

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