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Safety+ AI
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  • 27 Sep
    Safety+ AI

    Safety+ AI

    As a member of Dependable Intelligent Systems Laboratory at the University of Hull, I have been involved in a research project related to the combination of safety with machine learning theories. The following paper is one of our recent papers in this direction.

    Paper Title:

    Safety + AI: A Novel Approach to Update Safety Models using Artificial Intelligence


    Safety-critical systems are becoming larger and more complex to obtain a higher level of functionality. Hence, modelling and evaluation of these systems can be a difficult and error-prone task. Among existing safety models, Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) is one of the well-known methods in terms of easily understandable graphical structure. This study proposes a novel approach by using Machine Learning (ML) and real-time operational data to learn about the normal behaviour of the system. Afterwards, if any abnormal situation arises with reference to the normal behaviour model, the approach tries to find the explanation of the abnormality on the fault tree and then share the knowledge with the operator. If the fault tree fails to explain the situation, a number of different recommendations, including the potential repair of the fault tree, are provided based on the nature of the situation. A decision tree is utilised for this purpose. The effectiveness of the proposed approach is shown through a hypothetical example of an Aircraft Fuel Distribution System (AFDS).
    For more details please check 10.1109/ACCESS.2019.2941566.
    Koorosh Aslansefat

    Koorosh Aslansefat has an experience in Fault Tolerance Design and Performance Assessment.

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